B18 milano, via borgospesso 18 - filati romani collection


Filati Romani Collection is exhibited in the Luxury Showroom B18 in Milan in via Borgospesso 18”


The B18 Luxury Showroom owned by Alexandra della Porta Rodiani is located in Milan in Via Borgospesso, 18; it is a place where luxury meets the prestige and needs of a refined clientele.

In the fashion district, luxury has never been so exclusive.

Alexandra della Porta Rodiani has created a place where customers of extreme luxury are pampered.

Alexandra della Porta Rodiani is also known as an organizer of "charity galas" for the most prestigious non-profit foundations in the world.

She is a private consultant for Luxury Brands, private clients and international artists.

B18 often hosts celebrities, actors, tycoons and leading figures in fashion, art and business from all over the world.

Our Capsule Collection has been chosen to be exhibited in the Luxury Showroom B18 among precious brands with centuries-old histories.

The refined fabrics, the precious details and the characteristic inlaying with 24-carat Gold Thread that make the entire Collection unique, were among the characteristics that led to the decision to welcome Filati Romani to Milan.

At via Borgospesso 18 in Milan, all the items in the Collection are available and are available for a hyper-exclusive selection of personalities and personalities from the international Jet-set who are fond of B18.

The presence of our Capsule Collection is a stimulus for the Brand to develop an increasingly identity-based new space for Luxury, iconic and uncompromising.

It is the first opportunity for Filati Romani Collection to exhibit the collection to a sought-after public, receiving the first feedback and appreciation for the entire project.

Customers rediscover the opportunity to have not only fine garments, not only unique and customizable garments, but also have the opportunity to buy precious garments for the first time.


© Filati Romani Collection


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