filati romani collection


“We have the mission to create beauty and bring value to people's lives, focusing on an unprecedented combination of preciousness and fashion.”


Gabriele Abete and Giampaolo Pericotti met at university and recognized each other in their common passion for all that is extraordinarily beautiful.

Both living in Rome and sharing the love for Italy and its excellent craftsmanship, they decided to make their own contribution to enhancing the country ITALY, creating a new product entirely Made in Italy.

From this desire Filati Romani Collection was born, which combines the great tradition of Italian haute couture with exclusivity in a new dimension, creating garments whose preciousness is immediately recognizable and above all unique in the world.

Thus was born the idea of inserting a 24-karat gold thread in each garment, thus making it unique and giving it a beauty that does not fade over time.


The pleasure of buying a unique garment in the world, produced with respect for the environment.

Wearing a Filati Romani Collection garment is a gesture of love, a caress we give each other but above all a conscious choice, an investment.

In fact, a Filati Romani Collection garment does not simply represent a search for beauty, but also an investment for our future and that of the planet.


UHNWIs - High Net Worth Individuals want different products and niche brands.

The distribution of "traditional" luxury clothes is saturated but there are spaces for indirect distribution that are not exploited.

The interest of luxury customers for Made in Italy corresponds to a cross between the made-to-measure suit and the "mass" luxury ones.

Filati Romani Collection brings customers the pleasure of true and original luxury, meeting beauty in the everyday world with original garments never seen before.

Choosing an item of clothing means giving our customers the opportunity to express themselves and stand out thanks to a limited and personalized production.

© Filati Romani Collection

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